News from wheeLS HQ...

The MC Wheels documentary "Magic Of Life" is now! Available on DVD, download or to rent online on: 



"Nathan Tessman aka ‘MC Wheels’ is a leader with a difference. Some would say his cards were marked before the deck was dealt, but then that wouldn’t allow for the amazing depth of character and strength that this young man has shown in grasping life and living every moment for everything it is worth.


'Magic of Life' explores this young man’s journey from darkness into light, from despair into hope and from a debilitating disability to dynamic ability. A journey that calls us all to take stock, rethink our perspective and live life to the full. A moving story at any level, 'Magic of Life' provides insight into Nathan’s dreams and aspirations, that in many ways are no different to those of other young Australian's. 


But once you see the effort and energy Nathan has to put into simple things, that we may take for granted such as putting on a T-shirt, you will know this is no ordinary young Australian, and that this is no ordinary story. Get ready for MC Wheels! "